About SoGo

SoGo = South of Government


Who we are

SoGo Tea Bar is located inside Red Stick Spice Company at 660 Jefferson Hwy in Mid City Baton Rouge. Red Stick Spice’s line of branded SoGo Teas are hand-blended on site. SoGo Tea Bar proudly serves up a full menu of custom crafted teas to suit every palate.

The Drinks

Whether you’re a purist looking for single origin varietals or looking to quench that sweet tooth with a sip of fruit-infused tea, SoGo Tea Bar is the perfect spot for your next sip. Enjoy a cup of tea or share a French press. You’ll love the unmistakable aroma of a London Fog – a latte like no other. Quench your thirst with a Southern sweet tea or the customer-favorite Butterfly Pea Lemonade. The list goes on and the menu evolves with the season.

Come hang out with us

SoGo Tea Bar is open during store hours and a great place to work, study or relax. Grab a pastry, let our baristas steep you a cup and enjoy the world of tea.

Tea Knowledge

Anne Milneck

Store owner and chef Anne Milneck took a deep dive into the world of tea when she opened Red Stick Spice in 2012. Since then, she’s earned multiple tea certifications and is also a certified Tea Sommelier.

While credentials are nice to hang on the wall, Anne considers herself a perpetual student of tea, cupping teas every day and taking every opportunity to educate staff and customers.

Tea First,

Then Adventure

When you visit SoGo, the beautiful mural asks: Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first? This quote from Peter Pan is our vision for the tea lifestyle.

Whether you’re setting out on foot to explore our city, pedaling through your neighborhood, heading out to a festival, or just diving into a great book, tea is always a good idea.